Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

"It is clear that Nick Saldivar, who magnificently directed the show, worked very hard with everyone involved to ensure all elements of the show blended together seamlessly to create a beautiful and hauntingly intriguing production."

"This production is thoroughly captivating from start to finish; and for anyone who is familiar with the classic story it is not to be missed."

Angelica Potter, OnStage Blog

"As directed by Nick Saldivar, the production asks us to put aside the credible and focus on the fantastic, and when we do, a glittering jewel of a story becomes the centerpiece of what we see on the WP stage. 

Saldivar incorporates all of the events of the novel neatly into the play, and folds in a touch of the supernatural as well to give an otherwise dry Victorian tale a bit of flavor.  While the manner in which Jekyll brings Hyde to life is almost wholly organic, the way Saldivar frames the process endows it with an uncanny metaphysical quality, as if unseen forces guide Jekyll toward his fate. 

This is most evident when Utterson speaks of living "inside a little dish of light", surrounded by a darkness which is actually a living thing seeking to destroy that light;  Saldivar allows moments like this to spin out and add that extra ingredient of eldritch poetry to the events which unfold on the stage.   This story is so well put together, and so compelling in its narrative, we want to believe it- and so we do."

- Michael J. Curtiss, Caught In the Act Blog


I love “Oral!” The show that is. And it’s about exactly what you think it’s about. But the production doesn’t cheapen it  – instead the writers and cast respect both its subject and the audience it delivers its show to on that subject... But really the whole show is a stand-out. Poignant and funny, it concludes with the message that “Oral!” is really about love and feeling good. At the end of the show this audience member was certainly satisfied." 

- Kelly Fitzpatrick, Orlando Sentinel

Trojan Women 2.0

"Director Nick Saldivar and Pathos Theatre Inc. of Orlando, kept to the classic’s cast and plot, but interwove modern threads that make the Trojan War any war, any contemporary ideas, costumes and themes intrude, Saldivar’s thesis is clear: War is eternal...It’s a lot to think about, and Pathos Theatre Inc. lays it all out at fever pitch and with just the right amount of jarring, disorienting humor."

- Laura Stewart, Orlando Weekly

"The Trojan Women 2.0 takes the ancient Greek tragedy about the ravages of war and transports it to the modern-day Middle East, where it acquires a new resonance. Bombs explode, head-scarved women pray to Allah, and there is the sense that this is somehow real — not just a fable...The Trojan Women 2.0 gives lots to think about — the horror of war, how long we can hold to our ideals in the face of tragedy."

- Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel